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Silent Shadow Singing in the Darkness

Can You Hear Me Sing?

27 September
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Let's see...

-My name is Heather.. but I have ALOT of nicknames.. some of them are kinda weird.. ^_^;; Silver, Heeb, Hershey, Gothic-chan, Poopsie, Kitty, Eppie, and Epiphone... Don't ask how I got them cause i'm not even sure.. lol.

-I'm 19.

-I have dark brown eyes. I have short natuarally auburn hair. I'm about 5'2". I am a really small person with small feet.. LOL..

-I am a musician. I play the clarinet and I'm actually pretty good at it.. I'm just staring to learn how to play the acoustic guitar. And I sing/write my own lyrics.

-I am a writer.

-I'm a college student at BCC. I'm a theatre major.

-I am an actress. I've been in 9 plays! Woot! They are: Blood Brothers, Wizard of Oz, Into the Woods, City of Angels, Brigadoon, Laughter on the 24th Floor, The Cherry Orchard, Camera Obscura, and Kindertransport. My goal: to be on broadway (isn't that every theatre major's goal?)

-I have the tendency to act really weird/hyper. I LOVE being weird.. it is just soo much fun!!

****WARNING: It is a violation of federal law to use me in a way inconsistent with my labeling. I am dangerous to humans and domestic animals. Please avoid contact with your eyes and clothing. I should be stored out of the reach of children.****
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